KSB Engineering


KSB Engineering Lda is a relatively young and innovative Mozambican company. The owners and employees have significant industrial and professional experience within the country and internationally. KSB Engineering’s vision is to furnish the domestic, regional and international markets with top of the range integrated solutions. The focus is in Engineering Projects and Industrial Maintenance, covering but not limited to the following areas:

  • Industrial Automation
  • Home/Building Automation
  • Instrumentation
  • Electricity
  • Mechanical

The company strives to build profound and mutually beneficial relationships with its customers through continuous analysis of customers’ business environment and operational requirements. This robust approach allows application of innovative solutions to maximize and optimize equipment reliability and operational processes through numerous solutions based on the coherent use of anchored high-tech, propelled by creativity, innovation, integrity and professionalism. Higher quality and safety standards are attained, as the needs, demands and expectations are surpassed. Essentially, KSB seeks to be the go-to-solution provider and preferred customer choice.

KSB Engineering envisages becoming a market force to reckon through a sustained effort to avoid damage to the environment and improve the quality, safety and cost effectiveness of the products and services. Yearning to be the performance and quality of service leader, through consented efforts to improve on integrity, innovation, teamwork, commitment to quality, safety and satisfaction of customers and employees. Believing that through a sustained effort to avoid damage to the environment and improve the quality, safety and cost / effectiveness of any product or service, KSB Engineering Lda will become the number one supplier. Want to be a leader in performance, or be admired because of its integrity, innovation and teamwork, commitment to quality, safety, and satisfaction of its customers and employees.


As the demands of the market increase, both locally and globally, KSB Engineering is introducing new products and services, such as SCADA Design, home/building automation (“Smart Buildings”). To further expand the company’s product and service portfolio, it has partnered with some of the leading brands in the industry including SA Schneider Electric.

KSB Engineering will surpass expectations and furnish you with world class services in a cost effective manner, so do not hesitate to visit or call.